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GS F presents

Bold rules to live by

The Lexus GS F is built for a unique group of people.
Passionate drivers who live by these 10 bold rules.

Live with Passion

The desire to live life to the fullest makes every experience unforgettable.
Go ahead — seize life by the wheel of the GS F.

Enjoy endless excitement with the GS F’s race-ready, naturally aspirated V8 engine. Get ready to take the lead.

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Surprises and challenges are nothing you can’t handle.
With a highly responsive drive like the GS F, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Find your rhythm

Get into the groove with the sound of exhilarating speed.
The roar of the GS F provides you with the relentless beat to charge ahead.

Seek Presence & Poise

Go forth with confidence and find grace in motion.
The GS F feeds your need for speed and puts control at your disposal.

Expect brilliant road response from the GS F’s imposing 19-inch wheels, high-performance Brembo brakes, and six-piston monoblock calipers.

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Touch the sky

When you push beyond the limits, you’ll reach new heights.
By challenging themselves, the GS F’s engineers have crafted the most powerful Lexus sedan ever.

Be heard
without words

Quiet confidence is often felt, not so much in the words, but in the subtlety of the tone.
Just turn on the engine and let your GS F do the talking.

Go forward boldly

Life in the fast lane means never shying away from new experiences.
The GS F gives you the power and confidence to take on the unknown.


A good dose of adrenaline is sometimes needed to sharpen the reflexes.
The GS F provides such precise control that any pressure becomes easy to handle.

Demand Perfection

When giving your best, you would expect the best in return.
Lexus understands that every detail matters, and only the best craftsmanship will do for your GS F.

With a fine eye for details, the GS F’s seats come with distinctive sewing pattern and stitching that provides comfort and firm body support.

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Speak with authority

Stake your presence and own the road.
Start up the GS F and command attention in an instant.

With an exhaust system designed for race performance, the GS F sounds robust and exhilarating — even at idle.

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Do something different